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  • Bryan Cermak is the best!! Every step of the way they guide you and gives the best advise!!! You can count on them. Extremely professional. Rates for the quality that you get are excellent. You will not find a better law firm in the state of Michigan. They act with character and integrity.
  • So far, I am very pleased with how professional Cronin’s team has operated. Christian the Law Clerk left no stone unturned while consistently following up with my family. Their uncanny ability to connect bits of information that you would never even think of leave me at ease knowing that I have a powerhouse legal team working my case that they have increasingly strengthened to the point that it’s bulletproof to get the justice we deserve. It’s no wonder they are so confident with the cases they take on.
  • I want to thank Bryan for taking the time to discuss and explain my situation. After contacting about 10 attorneys, Bryan was one of 2 attorneys that even called me back and explained the laws and what I need to do. Thank you for listening to me during this difficult time.