Ready, Set, Goals!

Feel Empowered! Feel Valued! Feel Confident!


This is an open forum to address your needs and gain the tools and strategy you need not only to achieve your goals but to persevere and make them sustainable through life’s stresses, ups and downs, and daily challenges!

Whether your goals involve weight loss, relationships, career, or health and fitness, you can do it! WE can do it, together!

I will help you discover the emotional blocks preventing you from succeeding and together we will CRUSH YOUR GOALS!

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I help couples resolve differences that are causing upheaval in relationships. If you find yourself unable to express yourself, communicate your needs, or have open and honest communication, I can help.

Married, single, living together, shared parenting, or engaged, I can improve upon your communication skills and teach you the techniques to live your best relationship life.

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Blending families successfully!

If you are thinking about blending families in a dating relationship, moving in together or getting married, I can help you navigate through this transition with less stress and emotional upheaval on everyone involved! You and your children deserve this!

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This is an “invite only” workshop applications must be approved. Limited Space, Call Adrienne @ 248-639-9928 for information.


If you would like to book a session with Sabrina for personal growth and development in the areas of relationships, career, or health and fitness, please call 248-639-9928.

If you have any questions, please call Adrienne at 248-639-9928.