top michigan attorneysThese are the very ideals that are embraced by the entire team at The Cronin Law Firm, each member meticulously handpicked by our firm’s founder and managing partner, Sabrina Shaheen Cronin.

The Cronin Law Firm did not emerge from the traditional conglomerate of attorneys. Rather, it grew organically, over time, as a result of Sabrina’s hard work, dedication, philosophy, and vision. These incomparable values are implemented in each case with every client. It is this dedication, passion, and drive that separates The Cronin Law Firm from the rest. Sabrina and her team handle all aspects of family, corporate, commercial litigation, estate planning, elder law, entertainment, and personal injury. In more than two decades as a highly experienced and accomplished attorney, Sabrina has fueled her curiosity and has challenged herself to become intently knowledgeable in multiple areas of the law. This formula provides for unparalleled service to her clients with undeniable results. Her fair, assertive, and inimitable traits have truly allowed her to empower all those who walk through the Firm’s doors. The support, tools, and confidence she bestows upon her clients make an indelible imprint on their lives which extends far beyond the conclusion of their legal matter.

The Cronin Law Firm combines experience and insight masterfully with exceptional client service for appropriately aggressive representation. No matter what your legal needs may be, The Cronin Law Firm will work diligently to provide you with the best representation and customer service possible. Call us today.